Backing Up Your WordPress Site

The most important back up is the one you didn’t do. Your online presence is so important nowadays that ignoring to back up your site can cause you financial loss with the downtime of our site.

We recommend 3 back up plugins that could save you time and money long term.


BackupBuddy gives you multiple options for safe, offsite storage of your backups. Priced at $80 per year for the introductory subscription, BackupBuddy provides 1GB of storage space, or you can select to offload your backups to Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, and more.
BackupBuddy has an advanced restore system that allows you to restore single files from backup, rather than perform a complete restore. Great for those times where you accidentally made changes in your theme’s stylesheet and need to revert! No matter what solution you decide upon for your backups, be sure to back up regularly!

2. VaultPress

VaultPress is the backup and security suite from the makers of WordPress. The most inexpensive subscription is $5/month (or $55/year). After you have selected your subscription, activation is as simple as installing the VaultPress plugin and inputting your registration key in your WordPress dashboard. After you register, you can return to the VaultPress dashboard and watch your backup go! VaultPress is completely automated, and restoring your backup (should you ever need it!) is a simple process.

3. BackWP Up Free

BackWP Up This is a free plug-in. It allows you to create a full back up on the cloud for your site (Dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3). With a single backup zip fiel you can easily restore your site. See the following article on how to create a free back up here. There is a BackWPup Pro version available for more comprehensive cover starting from $75 for the year, with a $45 dollar yearly fee.

If you have any further suggestions, or have had good experiences with other plugins please let us know in the comments below.