Slideshows - Initial Steps

Slideshows are used all over the web these days. It is a convenient tool to showcase your best work, promotions or upcoming events.

1. Choosing Slideshow Images
When uploading images it’s important to consider the type of image you upload. Make sure that the image is not to busy, as in many cases it will also have the website header with menu and logo over it. In some cases you may want to add additional text or links over the image. So be sure to choose proper images for the website Slideshow.

2. Choosing Slideshow
Aside from choosing the proper images, it is important to choose the proper Slideshow. We highly recommend to refer to the Theme Demo you purchased and look into the various Slideshows used within the Homepages. Having already determined the Slideshow type you like, you can then proceed with adding content. Pay additional attention to the text areas used within the Slideshows, as in some cases not all text areas appear on certain Slideshows. example below:

3. Adding a Slideshow to a Page

Once a Slideshow has been created, you can add it to any page within the website.

Below we have broken down the process of Creating Slideshows and Settings into several areas. These areas will help you better understand the available settings.

Please note, the following article is generic and does not include Theme specific options.

Creating a Slideshow

To create a Slideshow first go to the top right corner of the website admin panel – Slideshow – Add New. Proceed to add the Slideshow Title and then upload images using our Image Slide Upload tool.

Below is a short video explaining this process.

Slideshow Settings and Slide Types

Most of the time creating a Slideshow is not enough. There are a few settings you can adjust to ensure you get the most out of the created Slideshow.

Slideshow Settings include:
– Transition Effect
– Transition Speed
– Autoplay ON/OFF

Slide Settings include 3 types of content:
– Image
– Image + Video
– Video

For each type of slide you can add or change
– Slide Title
– Slide Text
– Text Colors
– Background Image/Video Opacity for better text readability

Each Slideshow type may use one field or the other a different way, in a different placement over the image, or in some cases exclude certain fields from the Slideshow.

Below we have a short video explaining some the basic Slideshow Settings.

– changing the Elements color over a slide will also affect the Website Menu and much of the Header Content if it is overlapping with the Slideshow.

Image Slides

Image Slides is one of the most popular options when it come to Slideshows. Over the process to add images is very simple.

Click on Add Slide and upload your image content directly from your computer or the website Media Library if images have been uploaded previously.

Adding Video to Slideshows

When adding Videos to Slideshows there are 2 options:
– Image + Video Embed
– Video in Background

Image + Video Embed

This option requires you to upload an image which serves as the Video Cover image. After the image has been uploaded, add the Video Embed Code or Video URL into the designated field.

Video in Background

The other option is to upload a Self Hosted Video directly to the website Media Library. If you decide to go with a Self Hosted option make sure the video file size does not exceed 10mb. Restricting the file size helps the video load faster on devices.

Video Size
There are two video sizes to chose from: Original Ration and Full Screen.
Original Ratio – please keep in mind that this option may have black boarders around the video if the screen size is much larger than the video ratio.
Full Screen – this a common option that stretches your video edge to edge.


Assigning Text Colors per Slide

Depending on the type of image you upload, you may need to change out the font color to ensure it is visible over the image. To help you with this task all themes allow you to change the Elements Color. This option changes all the text and any additional elements such as arrows or SM Links over the Image.

Some theme allow you to add an Image Overlay Color. This option can brighten or darken an image and bring out the Elements Color even more.

Image Position on Mobiles

Mobile devices can be quite difficult to control. However, because of the Slideshow importance we added a feature that will help you control how your Slideshow Images are displayed on Mobiles.

Hover over the Image within a Slideshow, click on the Image Position on Mobiles icons to make the required adjustments.

Adding Slideshows to a Page

When a Slideshow has been created, it doesn’t just appear on any page, you need to go to a specific page where you want to add a Slideshow, and assign the created Slideshow.

This is a 2 step process:

1. Select a Slideshow Layout
As each Theme has multiple different Slideshows Layouts, you first need to choose the desired Slideshow Block and add it to a Page using the provided tools.

Click on Custom Header With Slider – Display Slideshow and select the appropriate layout.


2. Assign a Slideshow
Now that you have a selected the desired Slideshow layout, scroll further down where you can assign a Slideshow to the following Slider and make adjustments to the Slideshow.


This process allows you to create multiple Slideshows on different Pages.

*NOTE – each Slideshow layout has it’s own set of settings that can be adjusted per your preference.
Some settings are:
– Display Navigation – YES/NO
– Text & Colors – other settings such as Font Style and Color Adjustments apply to all Slideshow Blocks.
– Other Settings can apply depending on the Slideshow type