Getting Started

Getting Started with Flothemes

The following article explains what is required when getting started with Flothemes. You need the following elements, hosting, a domain and

How to Install WordPress

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to install WordPress on your hosting provider. For any website to work, you must have a web hosting service and domain name secured. If you don’t have these setup already, click here.

Recommended Plug-ins

In the following article we share some recommended plugins for different uses on your site.

Changing WordPress Themes

In this article we cover the process of switching from a WordPress theme to using a Flothemes WordPress Template, including questions as what happens your existing content, SEO, how to avoid downtime or use a maintenance mode plug-in.  All these and many other items that should consider to make your switch smoother. Will I keep […]

FloLaunch Plugin

The FloLaunch plugin allows you to safely test drive any theme, plugin or a new idea on your blog , while visitors still see the default site. There are plugins that do a similar job. One of them is the Theme Test Drive WordPress plugin. But that plugin does not allow to customize any existing […]

Flo Switch Plugin

Making a switch from ProPhoto has never been easier. The following article explains how to use the Flo Switch plugin to convert your existing ProPhoto content so that it can still be viewable with Flothemes. You may also want to look at our Flo Launch plugin before making the switch.

How to Speed Up Your Site

With Google’s most recent changes to mobile friendly sites, many of our users have asked if Flothemes are mobile friendly. Thankfully, our themes are not only fully responsive, but pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test with flying colors. For more on this topic, you can view our blog’s full write-up on the subject here. While “mobile friendly” […]

Optimizing your WordPress Site

There are a number of reasons why a site may be slow. The main factors are usually low-cost servers which are often slow, inefficient code as well as large images. These three are the main troublemakers when it comes to your website’s poor performance. In most of the other cases, you can solve the problem […]