Adding Blog Posts

Now that you've created your blog page, its time to start adding your blog posts

Creating your Menu

The following tutorials will explain how to create and add a menu to your site.

Custom Posts Order

A very common question is how to change order of your blog posts or galleries in

Flo Launch Plugin

The Flo Launch plugin allows you to safely test drive any theme, plugin or a new

Flo Shortcodes

Need a way to build your pages more creatively? Flo Shortcodes is a powerful plu

Flothemes Plugins

With Flothemes we're aiming to provide you with a suite of services and options

Installing Plugins

The following video tutorial will give a quick overview on how to upload plugins

Page Templates

All of our themes provide different page templates. The pages that have a Page T

Translate Theme

The World Wide Web is a huge place where you can reach an audience anywhere in t