Gallery Layout Options

Go to Flotheme – Pages – Portfolio Gallery where you will find all settings related to Galleries.

Here you will find a number of different tabs:
Title Area – here you can adjust settings related to the title section of a Gallery
Additional Information – this area varies from theme to theme and can includes different types of content
Gallery View – in the following section you choose the default view for a Gallery
Content – here you will find settings related to text and different options like Next/Previous Post
Comment Area – allows you to chose between WordPress and Facebook comments
Related Items – related items are galleries within the same Category as the gallery which a user a viewing
etc. – there may be a number of different tabs depending on the theme

Regardless of your theme, there will be a screenshot of the Gallery page structure that is broken down into sections. This will help you manage each section individually.

Title Area

Title areas, depending on the theme and design, can include both Font and Image settings.

Each of the sections listed above can be switched ON/OFF with additional adjustments such as Color Settings, Font Settings, Image Size Settings, Titles, etc.

In the example below we have several sections to adjust:

Featured Image

Title & Categories

Sharing Options


Additional Information

The Additional Info tab is connected to a section within Flotheme – Generics – Miscellaneous – Additional Information.

This area can be different from theme to theme, however generally it can include the following information:

– Link List Title
– Link List Title Font
– Link Font
– Information List Title
– Information List Title Font
– Information List Text Font


Within the Content tab you can control how your Post content displayed. You can adjust settings such as:

– Next/Previous Post Links and Font adjustments
– Partner Links Title and Font adjustments
– Content Width, Image sizing and distance between Images
– etc.

Comment Area

The Comments section is a generic setting for Blog Posts and Galleries that can be turned ON/OFF.

Comment Settings can be adjusted by going to Flotheme – Generics – Comment Area

There are 2 types of comments you can enable here:
WordPress Comments
Facebook Comments

Other settings can include:
– Comment fonts settings
– Comment Form settings
– Comment Count
– etc.