HTML Contact Form Integration

Add HTML Code

To add an HTML Contact Form from MailChimp, FloForms, etc, you will need to:

1. Add a Text Block to the pricelist.
*Please note, you can use any block that has a text area within.

2. Copy / Paste the HTML Code from the Form Provider into the provided text area.
Add a simple letter or word into the text area,  select the letter / word and click Code View within the text settings bar.

You will then enter the Code View editor mode. Paste the HTML Code, replacing the initially added letter or word.

Once the HTML Code has been added, click on the Code Icon located in the top right corner of the text editor.

This will create a preview of the added contact form.

3. Save the added Code by clicking Done in the top right corner.

Disable Default Contact Form

When the new HTML Form Code has been added, be sure to disable the default Contact Form.

Go to Settings – Show Inquiry Form – NO

If the default form is not disabled, your pricelist will have 2 contact forms.