Desktop Header Layout

The main tool to build the Header area on the site (including menu, logo, mobile specific menu and drop-down, etc.) in located in Flotheme -> Header.

There are 2 primary tabs where Desktop Header adjustments are made:
1. Desktop Header Layout
2. Desktop Header Options

*NOTE: that Desktop Header settings also include layouts for your Menu, as the Menu is a part of your Header.
Also, some themes combine the two settings tabs into one, therefore you can make all adjustments within the Desktop Header tab.

1. Desktop Header Layout
Each theme includes a certain amount of predefined Header Layouts. These layouts may include burger menus; two stack layouts; logo left/right; etc.

Below you can find a sample screenshot of the some possible layouts you may find in your Theme.

NOTE! You theme will have a selection of it’s own specific header layout options.

2. Desktop Header Options
Once you’ve selected your Header layout, proceed to the next tab – Desktop Header Options. There you can customize:

    • Logo settings
    • Header text fonts and colors
    • Header background colors
    • Sticky Header options
    • etc.

These options may slightly change based on the layout you select in the first tab. Please check Desktop Header Options menu of this tutorial to find detailed info on each topic.