Database & File Backup

Before you start making changes to the site under the FloLaunch plugin, be sure that you have created a database backup. This is essential especially if you are switching themes, or doing any kind of migration. If anything goes wrong, you can always restore your website like nothing ever happened.

So to create a backup, go to the Plugin Admin Panel and click Create Database Backup

At the moment there are known issues when creating backup for large databases. Therefore if you get an error message, then try creating the backup using other tools. Some other tools we recommend are PhpMyAdmin(if your hosting provides such option) or the Backupbuddy plugin.

You will then be need to confirm the file download to your Downloads Folder.

*NOTE the backup download time varies depending on the database size. The larger the database, the longer the download process.

If the backup is ready, you can go to the next step and enable the Test Mode by clicking on the ‘Enable test mode’ button. You must be aware that it may take a while until the test mode is created and enabled (especially if the database is large).