Cube 2

There are 2 paths you can take to set up Cube 2 styling.
1 – Importing Demo Content and Style Kit Settings – this is good for a new website with no content
2 – Manual Setup – best to do the manual setup if you already have content on your site

Cube 0.6 updates intro

Importing Demo

Importing our Style Kit and Demo is an easy process, just one click. However there can be quite a few adjustments that you will need to make afterwards to make sure the site is structured properly with the pages you need.
After importing our Demo and Style Kit Settings you will need to do the following:

  • Clean Up Pages – remove unnecessary ones
  • Confirm Navigation Menu
  • Check Permalinks and Page Titles

Please take the time to watch the Video below on the next steps you need to take after importing our Demo. This will make the process much easier for you.
Note: the video is based on a different theme, however the process remains the same.

Manual Setup

Below we’ve listed out a step by step process and video guide on “How To” get the site looking like our Cube 2 demo. Please keep in mind that certain options may need to be adjusted to work with your Brand Style.

Styling Setup

In this section we are going to set up the Page settings as well as the Header & Footer options.

Header Colors
Header Background Color: #f9f9f9
Header Elements Color: #4c4c4c
Sticky Header Background Color: #f9f9f9
Sticky Header Elements Color: #4c4c4c
Menu Dropdown Background Color: #4c4c4c

Footer Colors
Footer Background Color: #f9f9f9
Footer Elements Color: #4c4c4c

Homepage Setup

In the video below we show how to setup the Cube 2 Homepage

Overlay Background Color: #dad9d5

Fonts (CUBE v. 0.6 and up)

To apply the second style kit’s fonts, just go to 8. Typography -> 8.0. Typography Kits, select the “Lifestyle” typography kit and press the “APPLY TYPOGRAPHY KIT” button.

Fonts (before CUBE v. 0.6)

Font Changes