Copy Block

Copy Block functionality allows you to copy the block including its content and reuse it on another page. On the video below you can see how we copied Travel Dates block from About page and added it to Home page without any additional population:

How To steps:

  • on the page where you have the block created and populated, you click Copy icon in the block toolbar

  • you will see [saved] status that indicates that the block is saved to Copied Blocks area

  • now if you go to Add Block section and scroll to the bottom you will see Cloned Blocks section that will contain the block that you have just copied. The section can keep up to 9 copied blocks that provides you more flexibility in case you want to replicate several blocks.

  • go to the page where you want to insert the copied block and select the copied block from Add Blocks list, Cloned Blocks section. The block will be inserted into the page and you can move it to the required position.

The blocks will be copied with the content, styling, colors, margins and any other customizations that were applied to the initial block. After you inserted the copied block it becomes a separate block and you can make any changes you require – tweak the content, etc.

Some blocks that are posts and galleries specific (like Item Title, Tags, Gallery, Related Items, etc) can be inserted only to the similar post types – posts or galleries. They cannot be added to the pages – so in case they were copied to Cloned Blocks, they will be greyed out and cannot be inserted into the page. The blocks copied from pages can be inserted into any post type.

In Cloned Blocks you may also notice Refresh button that is available to the right of the title. If you have a page you want to copy a block from and have destination page opened in another tab, and you click Copy in the initial page – the Cloned Blocks section will not automatically refresh on the destination page. So you click Refresh and see the copied block. However if you don’t have a destination page opened in another tab and you open the page after you copied the block, you will see the block added to Cloned Blocks section right as you open the destination page.