How to add an H1 heading

Headings are used to define the structure of your pages. They’re also important for SEO, as search engines give extra “weigh” to headings, especially to the H1 heading.

If you place your relevant keywords in your headings, you will have better chances to rank higher for those keywords in organic searches.

How to add an H1 heading

There are multiple ways to add headings into your Flothemes website. We will explore a few of them.

Here is how you can add an H1 heading to a page:

  • WP title block – name your page accordingly and use a WP title block to place an H1 heading into your page.
  • WP content block – include an H1 heading in the WordPress editor or Gutenberg and use the WP content block to place your H1 heading into a page.
  • Flex Block – you can define any text on your page as H1, adjust its size and appearance. This is a very flexible option which gives you the freedom to design your page’s look per your preference.
  • Wrap your text input field into an <h1> tag – if the first three methods are not available for you, there is a workaround. You can wrap your text into an <h1></h1> tag, within a block. Note: this option is not recommended as you might skew the appearance of your block.

Front-end view


Back-end view



That’s it folks, hope this helps you better structure your pages and make your website more SEO friendly. Make sure you only use one H1 heading per page and include relevant keywords into it.